Indonesia Vision AI stands as an independent, non-profit entity committed to facilitating computer vision (CV) research opportunities for researchers within Indonesia. Our overarching mission encompasses 1) rendering collaboration and 2) mentorship in the realm of computer vision universally accessible and free of charge. The term ‘Indonesian’ in this context pertains to individuals who are either native to Indonesia, hold Indonesian lineage, or proficiently communicate in Indonesian as a primary or secondary language.

Hope that this community can be a habitat for computer vision researchers from Indonesia. We also welcome people who work on machine learning with the flavour of visual data.

How to Join, Participate and Contribute

  • Joining the community is easy and casual. You can be an observant, a contributor, or an administrator. Please join our Discord community for further discussion [Discord].
  • We are more than welcome if you want to be a mentor and help junior researchers in getting to know the field. As requirements, you have been recognized internationally as a researcher in the university, industry, or anywhere and published some works in reputable conferences and journals.
  • If you want to be mentored by people in our community, we have some slots depending on availability. However, we want to make sure that you are serious to elevate your research skills in computer vision and machine learning. To verify this, we might require you to take some tests and background checks.

What We Expect

We expect from this community is that we can circulate brilliant ideas among Indonesian researchers and connect to discuss state-of-the-arts in Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Publications in reputable Computer Vision or Machine Learning conferences are highly desired as an output of this endeavour. Some reputable venues to publish your research and find state-of-the-art papers: CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, ICLR, ICML, Neurips, WACV, and BMVC.